but of course. he has the movie and just didn’t like it…

this morning on the train, it was super duper crazy crowded. worse I’ve seen it in ages. I had five people squashed up against me, surrounding me from all sides, touching me the entire ride into boston.

the funny thing is that about 5 mins into the trip, I had to fart. there is barely room to breathe between everyone and their endless supply of bags and jackets and books and scarves and hats and newspapers and ipods and the entire contents of their house, I’m literally less than my tongue’s length away from the guy in front me, I could lick the back of his neck, draw circles spell out my name, someone is jammed up directly against my ass, and I have to fart. I just smiled and looked at the girl next to me. I wish I hadn’t been alone to enjoy it.

I had my headphones on, so I wasn’t sure how loud it was, but no one looked at me and I didn’t smell anything offensive. Kind of disappointed about the smell. Although the guy glued to my ass may have gotten an unexpected but not unpleasant vibration.

12 thoughts on “but of course. he has the movie and just didn’t like it…

  1. DG

    Its the deep feeling and affection transmitted by you flatulent vibrations that transcended earthly barriers……such affection is only possible from a web deity-CJM..goddess bless you

  2. christa Post author

    are you ewwing the fart gina? because farts are a natural process in the body, and everyone farts. It’s okay.

    as far as the source of the subject line…what do YOU think it’s from?

  3. gina

    Call me repressed and uptight, but strangers farting on me on a train creeps me out. I still love you, disgusting bodily functions and all :) I’m sure you’re in a much healthier place that I am.

  4. christa

    can’t a girl tell a story anymore without uptight repressed jerks bugging her about it?

    Okay fine gina, you’re right. I suppose I’d be grossed out if someone farted on me, too.

    I was exaggerating for comic effect, I didn’t really fart on anyone. if you want to know the truth, I didn’t actually fart at all, but I could have. that’s not funny though, to say “I was on a packed train and I almost farted.”

    I would be mortified if I farted on a stranger on the train. and they knew it? even I can draw the line sometimes.

    as far as the subject line, it doesn’t mean anything, it isn’t from a movie or a song. It’s just a stupid thing I made up for no reason.

    or is it??

    the world will never know.

  5. gina

    btw, i told a classmate about your little train farting vignette and he thought it was hillarious. so, what do i know?

    have you watched any of the amazing racist clips? i only watched the with the illegals who think they are going to help build a deck. it wasn’t very funny. it made me feel bad. i’m getting soft in my old age.

  6. Jonathan

    I totally agree, Gina. I watched that one, and it just kinda bummed me out. My ability to find humor in the suffering of others decreases every year. Apparently he has a whole series of race baiting clips online, but it’s not something I’m much interested in seeing.

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