Get you love drunk off my teeth.


My teeth, my teeth, my teeth, my teeth, my teeth,
my teeth, my teeth, my teeth, my lovely lady nostrils

9 thoughts on “Get you love drunk off my teeth.

  1. christa

    you freaking weirdos. I post a picture of my teeth and giant nostrils, and you say “nice teeth”? It’s effing hilarious is what it is. I made this picture the background on my phone because it makes me laugh and laugh and laugh.

  2. christa

    also, in case you didn’t realize, I used the lyrics to that black eyed peas song about someone’s hump, only I replaced ‘hump’ with ‘teeth’ and ‘lumps’ with ‘nostrils’. because I’m funny that way.

  3. christa

    and thanks for the clock reminder DG. I kind of liked not changing the clocks last week. I wish we didn’t have to go back.

  4. Jonathan

    Those totally don’t look like your teeth to me. I think it’s because I’ve never seen you in person, and you never smiled in any of the other pictures I’ve seen of you. So I always imagined you as having no teeth, or maybe really, really sharp pointy teeth. Not just, you know, normal teeth.

  5. christa

    I’ve never offered any pictures of me smiling? That’s kind of weird. those are my teeth though. you can see the weird calcium deposit on the front tooth that I’ve had for ages. actually you can’t see it very well. but it’s there. you can’t see my bottom teeth, which are hideously deformed. well, the ones that are left anyway.

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