Wed. April 7th.

Just in case you all were unaware, playoff hockey starts on April 7th. I urge you all to watch because I guarantee it will be a crazy crazy time and who knows what will be happening next year. We&#146re not talking about regular old hockey here, we&#146re talking PLAYOFF HOCKEY and there&#146s nothing better than that folks. NOTHING.

ooohhooh!! I forgot to tell you! I saw Dawn of the Dead in the theater. MAN OH MAN. It is my new favoritest movie. It ate my brains and then spit them back up and ate &#146em again. I keep thinking about that movie and dreaming about it and honestly, I would like to know exactly what kind of plan our government has should zombies overtake us. The NSA really should be working on this. Yes yes, terrorism is important, but really, I think the top thing on our agenda should be zombies. Terrorists can be dealt with, but zombies…well, have you SEEN the movie? We really need something in place. Something real and concrete. These zombies are crazy mo-fos. I myself have been working on a plan, should zombies come along. I&#146m not gonna tell you though, jesus! I don&#146t want my plans being all messed up because of a bunch of morons. I won&#146t be food for zombies, no way no sir!

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