game 7 baby

after a year in the toilet, JD Drew earned his 14 million tonight. we hated him all year long but he comes up big for us, and now he’s the fan favorite. everyone will be “oh yeah we loved JD all year, he’s the man, we always had faith…” don’t believe it. we were ready to string him up. Until his grand slam. Now we’re all thinking “he’s only making 14 mil? what the hell?”

time to earn your fifty million tomorrow, dice-k. don’t make boston hate all of japan.

and HEY. the b’s won, too. thanks to kessel and his 5th shoot-out win.

it was a good day kids. a good day indeed.


you are jealous you aren’t living in boston right now, admit it.

2 thoughts on “game 7 baby

  1. Jonathan

    Does it hurt more if your team loses the World Series or fails to make the playoffs? Serious question. Will it hurt more if the Pats don’t win the Superbowl if that final loss comes at the end of an undefeated season? Will the Celtic’s Game 7 buzzer beater defeat at the end of the NBA Finals be more difficult to take because of their acquisition of Kevin Garnett & Ray Allen? Oh yeah, one other thing: fuck Boston sports teams, here’s hoping Tom Brady gets injured crashing his car into Paul Pierce.

  2. christa Post author

    you’re funny, JR. I kind of hope that Tom Brady crashes into Paul Pierce, too.

    as far as your questions…well, in my humble opinion, based on my past experiences and what I see, it hurts more to lose an important series than not make the playoffs at all. I don’t think Victor Martinez would have been crying in the dugout if Cleveland hadn’t made the playoffs, but he was sobbing last night when the Red Sox won. I’ve cried when my favorite teams lost championship games. It’s bitterly disappointing to almost make it but not quite. The heartbreak of making it and then failing to bring it home is almost unbearable.

    I’d just like to see the Bruins have a good year. Please. I want just a little smidgen, a bitty taste, of their former glory. I know, no one cares about hockey or the bruins. I know.

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