beautiful katamari, of course

OMG. I just saw that a new katamari game is due to be released in the next few days. OMG. !!!


It’s for xbox 360, of course. which I don’t fucking own, of course. even if they had released it for the PS3 like it was talked about several months ago, I’d still be screwed, because I don’t own that either, of course.

what a shit life this is. I have to go and buy an xbox 3fucking60 now. I wanted the ps3. not stupid microsoft. although there is a zombie game for the 360 that I want to play. but I want the ps3 and the blu-ray.

What am I supposed to do here? xbox 360. ps3. ipod touch. apple laptop. $500 headphones. trips to amsterdam & san carlos next year. thousands of dollars worth of pure happiness and joy and I have money for none of it. I’m really going to have to start taking it up a notch down on the street corners, or these glorious items will continue to be out of my reach.

4 thoughts on “beautiful katamari, of course

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