If you see her, say hello

I’m watching this show called californication that I love love love. david duchovny makes it happen for me. if I could be a guy, he’s the guy I want to be. he’s really really omg really sexy. I can’t even tell you. That lazy way of talking he has, his warm honey and butter voice that wraps around you, those bedroom eyes…mmmm. mommy likes.

seriously though I love that show. every single thing about it. it makes me want to move to L.A. That show and Jonathan. They make me want to move to L.A. That show and Jonathan and the ocean. I like the ocean they’ve got over there in CA. I don’t need anything but that show, and Jonathan, and the ocean, and this remote control. and that’s all I need.

heeeeyy. tonight is gordon’s hockey game. come over, will you?

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