Something in my veins, bloodier than blood

I’ve got a booze-filled weekend ahead of me. And maybe an extracurricular activity filled weekend as well. I’ve done my blood tests. I’ve got 3 more weeks to dry out.

First up is a work thing. We’re all getting together at a nearby bar to say goodbye to a longtime sailboat magazine employee. As this is an office-sponsored event, all my beverages will be free. I’ll be downing them as fast as I order them. But I can’t get so knackered that I won’t drink tomorrow, because that’s the BBQ birthday bash for a friend, with lots of beer, food and various sundries. I’ve got to space out my drunkenness over the two days. Also, I need to relax a little at these work things. It seems every time we go out as coworkers, I end up very far from sober. I haven’t made a fool of myself yet, but it’s only a matter of time, kids. Only a matter of time.

In my advancing years, I much prefer getting inebriated at home or a friend’s house than at a bar. Chances are, if you see me at a bar, free alcohol is involved. Not that I don’t enjoy going out, but it’s much more pleasurable when someone else is footing the bill AND you’re not expected to put out at the end of the night.

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