Big beer.


Ry & I were walking down the street and he sees this huge beer ad. But it’s just the label, right? Only my son, born to 2 boozers, recognizes it immediately and says “oooh beer. big beer. daddy big beer.” I laughed. You can’t put anything past this kid. He knows his beer.

3 thoughts on “Big beer.

  1. christa

    Well, I didn’t say it was a good beer. That’s just the thing, mike. We NEVER buy molson canadian. never. but he knows it anyway. Because that kid knows his beer. he’s only 3 and he recognizes a giant label, of a brand that we never buy, as beer.

    He’s a beer genius. I’m a very proud mom.

    although honestly, I prefer molson to coors or bud any day of the week. actually, I prefer my own piss to coors or bud. my favorite beer lately is stella, I know I know, don’t harass me. I just like it okay? it’s like a fizzy fuzzy champagne.

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