night is a woman who embraces me

The old man starts his winter league hockey tonight. I love that he plays hockey. First of all, because it’s hockey. Second, and most important, it means he is out of the house and my hair for at least one night a week. And that means that I have the whole place to myself for a good two hours, if he sticks around after the game to drink with the guys, as he almost always does.

So once I get my kid to bed, I am free to do whatever I want. I can watch TV, I can go on the computer, I can do crafts, I can jack and jill up the hill, I can read a book, I can take a shit without the entire clan in the bathroom with me, saying “what are you doing. why? why? mommy mommy christa mommy christa pay attention to us!!!”, I can sit in the darkness and the quiet and just be alone, alone, sweet alone alabama. It’s my one night of complete, total freedom (within the confines my house and finances, natch).

His game nights are the greatest nights of my life.

Speaking of hockey, the season starts in about a week. I have high hopes for the B’s. Maybe cam neely can do some good for this team, short of strapping on skates and hitting the ice. at his press conference yesterday, he said “We all know the type of fan that Bruins fans are and what they expect, and I think the players have to understand what they have to do out there. As I’ve always said when I was playing, you may not play well every night, but you can work hard every night.” Hear that, Savard? Chara? all you new guys? You bleed black and gold now, so leave your skirts at home and play some fucking hockey.

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