mommom, mommom, mommom

right now, at almost 9pm, Ry is in his bed, shouting my name to come in, even though I’ve sang him songs and kissed him good night and told him I loved him and the whole bedtime shebang. It’s his new way of drawing out the goodnights.

So I’m doing my best to ignore him by drinking my amaretto sours and computing at my computer, clack clack click click, boom.

who do you think will cave?


see you in 5…

3 thoughts on “mommom, mommom, mommom

  1. gina

    this sounds all too familiar! aidan lays in bed for oh, at least an hour and a half every night asking, “whatch you doin?” from his bed, which is maybe 20 feet from my computer. he must have said “read me cat book” 75 times while I was trying to ignore him. plus, everytime I do talk to him to tell him to go to sleep, he has to tell me “don’t shut the door”. he says that night after night, over and over again. but, his little voice is very freaking cute.

  2. Michelle

    Gabby sings herself songs or recites the ABCs. “Row Row Row your boat, gently down the stream. If you see a Dabby, don’t forget to scream”

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