a new divinity.

Well, just when I thought this day was not worth waking up for, it improved. Just like that.

My new divinity for today is the knowledge that I will indeed be going home for christamas this year.

I resigned myself to not going and spending yet another holiday with G’s family. I even began to make other plans. But, for better or worse, things transpired and now I’ll be in Tucson in December. I’ll get to see my family and friends and meet the newest addition to my family, little mini-steph. I can’t wait!

bad stuff happens, good stuff happens. it’s a wash, really.

One thought on “a new divinity.

  1. morgan

    Hey, that’s great news! Hopefully you bring the boy with you… and Ry, too!

    Also, I’m putting together a mix disc for the big Loafe contest. I hope I win the new Buick!

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