I converted two of my videos of ry from the weekend into little quicktime movies to share.

ry at the lake
this one is throwing rocks into the lake. He says “no, just hold them.” and “you did it?” and “I want. thank you” and “look, I did it.” Yeah, my kid is a genius. mad language skills.

I got it!
the 2nd one is longer, but very fun. he was playing football, sort of, and just basically running around acting nuts. then he started tackling me. it was good times. we laughed.

4 thoughts on “movietime

  1. Jonathan

    That first vid is really pretty dang cute. When he looks at the ripples and is stunned a little, and asks “you did it?” I totally smiled.

    Ah, being a parent. It has made me into such a softie.

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