finding the divine

My friend Marianne is very spiritual. It’s one of the things I love most about her. I have shit for spirituality, but her presence in my life helps balance the cosmic scale a bit.

She is starting a new feature on her site called Thursday Divinity. I love it, I think it’s a great idea. Already I feel lighter. I like that it’s on Thursday, too. Thursdays have always been one of my favorite days. also, I like dimes the most of all the american coins. Thursdays and dimes. Hey, that’s a good band name, but there is already a thursday band out there, I think. taking back thursday. no that’s sunday, isn’t it? maybe it is thursday. I don’t know. I could just look it up, but that would take like 10 seconds.

hmmm. I want a new feature on my site, too, something a slightly bit more interesting than my normal me-me-me yapping. I had song of the day going there for awhile, but I ran out of music.

I could have Loafe Drawings.

or Monday Surveys.

ummm, Body Part Saturdays.

what am I talking about. I can’t sustain anything for any period of time. I give up.

although I’ve had loafe for almost 8 years now. I’ve been typing away at this damn computer for half my life! okay, a third. SIGH. 1/4.


loafe will be my cockroach, always living, never dying.

3 thoughts on “finding the divine

  1. Marianne

    Can I just say how much I love that little graphic? I must make stationary out of it so it is flung liberally throughout my house and so that I see it all the time. I seriously am getting happier every time I look at it. I love you CJM! Also, I love Thursdays too. Thursdays are inherently divine.

  2. christa Post author

    I am glad to please both Jonathan with my love of dimes and Marianne with my awesome drawing skills.

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