AP news writers

truth? I miss the days of not needing to think of some clever or pithy title for every lame time I wanted to write something. curse this internet.

and also segues. they are so boorrring.

who writes those lousy AP “news” pieces? the ones that show up on all the “news” receptacles? they honestly seem so earnest writing about the silliest shit, all the time. you are a douchebag, AP. I wished I were reading this on the onion. It occurred to me that really, domain names aside, yahoo is in fact the onion. (note to actual AP writers, who read loafe religiously looking for guidance: I don’t fault the writer, not one bit, I fault the Rocks That Think, who control every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.)

but do I do anything constructive and balanced, such as read news from sites providing well-written and articulate information? They are plentiful enough. But I do not, because it’s too many clicks for me to find.

Is this getting old or getting domesticated? Or getting stupid? I need to know. and very very soon.

4 thoughts on “AP news writers

  1. christa Post author

    (to further prove my belief, although I see now by light of day this was not an AP news story, so it just totally shits on my belief, but adds fuel to the one of me being nothing more than a bitter old lady…)

    this just in, from the top of my gmail, OHMYGOD!

  2. christa Post author

    I think gmail is in fact hitting on me.

    at least someone’s paying attention. or something. I’ll take what I can get.

  3. Jonathan

    For the longest time I thought Microsoft Outlook was unhappy with the duration & cubic volume of my orgasms. Then I realized it was just unsolicited spam. I wish I had found out before I ruined the server.

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