let the Orinoco flow

I had such a great time sailing last week that I’m already looking for ways to buy a boat of my own. Obviously, I’m too poor and inexperienced to buy anything substantial, so I have my eye on something small and jaunty, like the vanguard sunfish or the hobie bravo.

I can see why people are so crazed about sailing…it may be an expensive hobby, but the taste of freedom out there on the water is mighty powerful. And for a sea-tranced landlubber like myself, the allure is even greater.

And I can definitely understand why sailors have such great disdain for power boats. They are the Hummers and Escalades of the waterways. We hate you, power and motor yachts! we hate you!

6 thoughts on “let the Orinoco flow

  1. gina

    so, living by the ocean and sailing is one of my goals too! we need to move somewhere together. i’ve only sailed a couple times, but it is fun, right?

  2. DG

    It looks majestic from shore. But its also takes alot of work, experience, and when the wind dies… patience. Or if the wind picks up to CAT 5 levels a good relationship with a higher power!!

  3. mike

    The Vanguard Club 420 is great fun, though the cleats have known to want to climb up your ass at the most inopportune moments.

  4. christa

    thanks afterguard. I like the Bravo too and I’m fairly sure that’s the one I will end up getting. I love catamarans. It looks fun. You or anyone else won’t see this comment, because the post is so old, but thanks anyway!

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