come to where I’m from

It’s tuesday. I want to sit around listening to wilco and whiskeytown, getting drunk-nice, slow, easy. It’d be better to have someone along for the ride, but I’m okay doing it alone.

Since I’m never alone, that leaves me with the g-man. Which is alright I suppose, I like the kid and everything, but all he wants to listen to is grateful dead or something along those lines. snore.

ain’t no one in this town who wants to get country drunk with me.

what can you do when you’re pushing forty and you have no friends. I’m turning into a sad old lady who can’t even drink properly.

7 thoughts on “come to where I’m from

  1. Marianne

    I hardly think 33 is “pushing 40”. I mean, I guess I might be sensitive about it being 33 myself, but I still don’t think we are that close to 40. Are we?

  2. Marianne

    Also, why aren’t you ever alone? Everybody needs time to be alone. If you don’t have any, demand some. Trust me, they’ll never just GIVE it to you (husbands or kids).

  3. christa

    well, I guess we aren’t that close to 40, maybe a more appropriate phrase would be that 30 is pushing me to 40. Or 40 is pulling me.

    I will begin demanding more alone time. I refer all protests and complaints to

    actually, I get more of a “you get to work everyday, that’s your alone time” kind of attitude, which I suppose is fair, since I used to say something quite similar to Gordon when he was working and I was at home raising pinhead jr.

  4. Celly Belly

    Well, my health insurance rates just jumped up from $74.00 a month to $104.00 cause I turned 35 (gasp) this past Aug 2nd. That makes a gal feel good. Not to mention, I am going in for gallbladder surgery this Thurs, so my drinking days are long past me, i’m afraid. Could I FEEL more old. Oy vey! 35 and I still set my vcr to record ‘The Hills’ while i’m at work, how sad is that?

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