hb ry!

Today, the little guy turned 3. He still seems really little to me, I guess he always will. But jeez, he’s big. He’s officially a preschooler (although I have yet to find a remotely affordable school; also, apparently, I am about 7 years too late in the application/enrollment process. seriously).

The actual day of his birth is fuzzier to me today than it was a year ago. I still remember it, I can call up details, I can see the images, it’s all there. But now, it’s more like I’m remembering the telling of the details, the stories, rather than the actual experience itself. I suppose it’s only going to get worse from here, so I’m glad I wrote it all down, and I had my friends who were there write their version down. So I could always remember, even when I’ve forgotten.

Anyway, happy birthday to mr. g, as we call him.

You know, looking at these pictures is funny to me. It seems weird yet makes perfect sense how little he’s changed, how he’s been Ry from the moment he came to us till right this very second.

One Minute Old
this was Ry a minute or so after his birth…the only pictures of this event come courtesy of my friends’ cell phones, because the whole labor/worst-pain-ever situation sort of distracted me from bringing my camera to the hospital.

mom and baby
This was right after he was born, but after they cleaned him up. the sweetest picture EVER, thanks Tiffany.

1st Birthday
Here he is at year 1, eating waffles at breakfast, I think.

wobbly walking
He was just starting to figure out the walking thing on his 1st birthday.

The point here is that I’m actually 2 now, not one.
By his 2nd birthday, he had the walking skills down pat, but still working on the talking ones.

wet and wild
I don’t think this picture was on his actual birthday, but it was within a few days and it’s one of my faves.

Brushing his teeth, all by himself
He’s never really loved brushing his teeth, but he’s three now so he can fight himself over it and not me.

Ry at his last day of class
All the kids at his school transition out at age 3, so we had to say goodbye on Friday. It was a sad day for us.

6 thoughts on “hb ry!

  1. Tiffany

    HAPPY BIRFDAY, RY GUY! (p.s. It’s still the 19th here!) (p.p.s. Morgan says happy birthday, too!)

  2. Jonathan

    When does preschool start? What are you doing for day care until then? We’re a little stressed about finding a preschool for Em, even though she’s 13 months away from being old enough.

  3. pa michelle

    happy bday ryland. you’re only a few months older than my gabby :)

    btw, my daycare runs from infant to pre-k. its not cheap, but the prices decrease as the child gets older. owen is about to move out of the baby room. that’s like a 20 dollar difference each week.

  4. Tucson Michelle

    Happy (late) birthday Ryland. Sorry I’m such a jerk for forgetting your actual birthday, not that you can understand a word of what I’m typing to you. Christa, it seems like yesterday….ah, we are getting old. Vikas says happy birthday too.

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