lousy french canadians

last night was the 3rd game in as many appearances that supposed deadly closer eric freaking gagne blew a red sox lead and lost the game for us.

should’ve known he was from montreal. dirty motherscratcher.

3 thoughts on “lousy french canadians

  1. Jonathan

    Seriously, and I say this with nothing but affection for you personally, but fuck Boston & their sports teams, with the exception of the Bruins, because I don’t watch Hockey. Fuck the Pats, and their pre-season #1 ranking and chance to win their fourth championship in six years, and Fuck the Red Sox with their championship banner a mere handful of years old & their first place standing in the AL East, and Fuck the Celts with their 16 championships & Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen & Paul Pierce. I curse the town & I hope you all go ten straight years with nothing but Stanley Cup trophies to content yourselves with.

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