there ain’t no moral to this story at all

I haven’t posted in a bit, because I haven’t had anything to say to you snoozeballs.

Wait, let’s wish Tiffany a happy belated birthday! She turned 30 on 07-07-07. What’s even crazier is she won a boatload of money on the 7-7-7 slots in Vegas. Can you imagine that? Not only was she born in ’77, she was born on 7-7-77! And on the 30th anniversary of that birth, she goes to Vegas to celebrate, plays the 777 slots, and wins $777,777! It makes you think that maybe greater things are at work in the universe. Yes it certainly does.

4 thoughts on “there ain’t no moral to this story at all

  1. DG

    Ouch……. does Morgan relate that she is not a happy mega winner….or worse…she hasn’t told him?

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