why do women’s shoes have to be the loudest things in the universe?

So, summer is upon us, and that’s great and everything, but it has its drawbacks, mainly women and their shoes. All day long they walk around in their flip-flops/sandals/thongs/slides/mules, flap flap flap, look at me I’m so cute, flap flap flap, my shoes are so sprightly, flap flap flap. these ladies make enough racket to wake the dead. or annoy me, same difference. flap flap flap flap. that’s all I hear. flap flap flap. shutup! keep your shoes to yourself! stop annoying me! go “lay out” some more in your unending quest for skin cancer and/or a rich leathery hide! be bouncy and young (or pretending to be anyway) elsewhere! Yes!

But do so quietly.

Speaking of quiet, today I pick umm…arcade fire and their lovely crown of love. yay arcade fire! speaking of the af, I haven’t bought their new album yet, but I’ve read it’s sublime. there seems to be a lot of new albums I want. hm. Maybe I will make list of coveted music. probably not though.

p.s. an ex-hab as the bruins’ coach? blasphemous!

You know, it isn’t just women’s summer shoes that are noisy. They have noisy shoes year-round, with all their damn heels and their clackity-clacks. as Gob would say, come on!

speaking of Gob, here is the funniest utube video ever. He’s says “come on” in it. Watch it, you will laugh. guaranteed!

5 thoughts on “why do women’s shoes have to be the loudest things in the universe?

  1. Jonathan

    Man, remember back in the early days of Loafe when you used to write long erotic essays about the special pleasures only two women could enjoy?* And now you’re all “women! ugh! loud shoes! Annoying!!” What happened to all the caressing & the soft pillowy lips, and the faint, heady musk of impending sex, and the… hold on, I’ve got to go masturbate, I’ll finish up later.

    *Wait a second… did I say “Loafe?” I meant Hustler.

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