she’s just looking for…

more good effing bands…

they might be giants. Ozomotli. Flaming lips. Violent femmes.

I want to dance to wilco or the refreshments or ryan adams. Radiohead. Twirl me on the quiet sexy parts. no one [someone] to dance with-
it’s those lazy hazy days of sweet. Beers in limes, and low low
lo-slung hips.

3 thoughts on “she’s just looking for…

  1. morgan

    I saw something on iTunes saying that TMBG has a new record. Also, do you have the new Built to Spill – You In Reverse? It’s pretty good – I could hook you up with it, if ya like.

    If you want something new, that’s good, check out Cold War Kids.
    okay bye.

  2. Steph

    So this day, I think 5 years ago, we were on our way down to sweet old San Carlos!!! We got there about 4 in the afternoon and remember we went swimming and no one was there. We had the hole beach to ourselves. Oh how much fun that was… I want those days back. Those were the lasy hazy days of sweet.

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