People in my town have bad eyes I think.

I wonder what the library is trying to tell me. The last few books I’ve rented, or wanted to rent, have been available only in large print. What is up with that.

So lately I’ve been having to carry around these giant books with this huge type. I kind of like it though, all those big letters marching steadfast across the page. I don’t mind lugging around a book heavy with all those yummy words, large and in charge may they be.

As far as books go, I don’t want to like Special Topics in Calamity Physics, for many reasons both obvious and secret. I am enjoying it despite myself. I’m about 75-pages deep (75 LARGE TYPE pages, which is probably 4 or 5 regular pages), so final judgment is reserved until I’ve finished. There are a few little things that annoy me, annoyances that might grow as I continue to read; some stylistic and vocab choices, and a writing style I’ve employed any number of times but was criticized ruthlessly in my writing classes for…she does it much better than me I guess. Anyway, I will let you know my opinion when I’m done. You are waiting with baited breath, surely.

In other riveting books news, after falling in love with Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, my heart was smashed to bits by Haddon’s 2nd novel. As I read the first few pages, I came to understand the darkness surrounding me wasn’t night falling but rather my extreme boredom marrying my extreme disappointment.

In other words, it sucked.

For this, I grieve.

p.s. I don’t technically live in a town, but this city is so shitty I refuse to call it one.

3 thoughts on “People in my town have bad eyes I think.

  1. gina

    Hmm, all this talk of books makes me want to write again. I think I will this summer. I just know there is a fantastic book lurking somewhere inside me. Or maybe that is just narcisism. Will you be my writing buddy?

    Did I tell you that I sent an email and instead of typing, “I eat by myself” I said, “I eat myself.” Now that’s a typo and a half.

  2. Jonathan

    You should check out World War Z, it’s thematically very similar to Curious Incident, except replace the autistic boy with about 3 billion zombies. And the dad is a zombie as well. So is the ex-wife. Actually, now that I think about it… it’s not really anything like Curious Incident.

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