here is why I hate yahoo

that featured link of “real-life action hero” Arnold Schwarzenegger helping a fainting girl. That’s right. Because he helped a fainting girl, he’s a real-life action hero.

2 thoughts on “here is why I hate yahoo

  1. DG

    In 1980 a pot smoking alcoholic college kid saw
    Arnold say on the silver screen:
    (In Conan the Barbarian) In answering the question “What is good in life ” Arnold says:
    “Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, hear the lamentation of the women”
    I have never looked back, ..Then again in Terminator his statement “Ill be back” triggered a relationship that cant end.

  2. Jason

    Hey, you’re talking about my governor! You should remember that he’s also got experience being a cop from when he was in Kindergarten Cop.

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