2nd interview

I had a 2nd interview this week for the magazine position. It went well, I met with several people, including the publisher. Two and a half hours. Then I spoke on the phone with the HR guy in New York, and that went well. So now it’s a waiting game. I feel pretty good about it all, which is maybe a bad thing, because if I don’t get the job I’m going to be hugely disappointed.

I could have my name on the masthead of a real, live, published magazine! My name, in shining, shimmering glory. I always read the mastheads of magazines, because I’m a mag dork. And were I to get that job, any other mag dork that reads mastheads like me will see MY NAME. Well, mag dorks that are reading a sailing magazine. Probably not too many of those. Still, it’s very exciting.

I told Gordon if I didn’t get this job, I was moving back to Tucson. I wasn’t really serious about that–it would feel like a dog running home with his tail between his legs. There’s no honor or dignity in that. I guess I’ll just keep looking. Eventually I’m going to con my way into a job.

It’s snowing like crazy today. Lame.

8 thoughts on “2nd interview

  1. Marianne

    Well, don’t move back here! You think it snowing there is lame, it is as hot as fucking July out here right now and that is far worse than lame.

  2. Simon

    haha, CJM on the masthead of a sailing magazine, that’s funny, just don’t fall off because it’s a long way down and you might hurt yourself… good luck with the job, unfortunately it’s impossible not to get overexcited about the possibility of a new job so I say just go with it… in fact, Simon says, just go with it…

  3. Simon

    Because it’s called a MASThead on a SAILING magazine and sailboats have MASTS! Sheesh, do I have to explain everything to you people…

    Anyway, this is the best joke I heard this week…

    As migration time approaches, two elderly vultures doubt they can make the trip south under their own power, so they decide to go by plane. When they check in their baggage, the attendant notices they’re holding two dead raccoons. “Do you wish to check those through as luggage?” she asks. “No, thanks,” reply the vultures. “They’re carrion.”

  4. Steph

    NO… you should move back here. Plus there is an extra bonus in it if you do!!!!!! But of course in a few years you will be moving to the commune in southern IL. I have to call you soon.

    Great news on the interview. I am so happy for you. You totally deserve it!

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