A Question Answered.

I always used to wonder what was the point of life, what was the point of my life, why bother with anything. What did it matter? What was the

The answer is simple. Babies. They are the entire meaning of life. I used to think oh my the world is overpopulated we are having too many babies too many too many Too Many Babies and it’s true, the world IS overpopulated, but we are not doing anything wrong we are not bad humans we are doing exactly what we are supposed to be doing, what we are designed to do. Have babies. We are built to make as many babies as we can, because babies grow up into adults that can make even more babies, and we are very very good at it, aren’t we? We make some damn good babies.

I finally have meaning to my life, I have learned the sole reason for my existence. And I make this promise to you right now, little baby, this promise to you and you alone, forever and ever: I will sacrifice everything I have and everything I am and give you nothing less than my entire being.

One thought on “A Question Answered.

  1. Neely

    See…already you’re gonna be a great mom. I
    still can’t stop thinking about what an awesome
    mom you’ll be christa. I also can’t stop
    thinking about how sad I will be to see you
    leave Boston…I’ll miss you dearly. But fuck
    it!..I now have a vacation destination. You may
    leave Boston, but you’re not leaving me! I’ll be
    there every year to see you and baby and gordo.
    (Just thought I’d give you a fair warning….)