I am sure the actual movie will suck, but the trailers are totally owning me right now. Whenever I see the previews, I get all goosebumped and giddy, and weirdly so. It’s just a freaking movie, I tell myself. But I can’t help it, especially with that whole “our arrows will blot out the sun” and “then we will fight in the shade” bit. eeeee!!

I cannot wait to see this movie.

5 thoughts on “300

  1. Steph

    sorry doesn’t make me feel all giddy inside… i can’t remember when a movie preview ever did that for me.

  2. Tucson Michelle

    Vikas and I have been getting all giddy and goosebumped about this movie too! I’m sure it will in fact suck, but yes, the previews are crazy and the effects look awesome. Too bad you’re not here. We could all go together.

  3. christa

    well you guys could all come to Boston on March 9th and Steph can watch the baby and we can call go watch the movie together!

    sounds like a plan.

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