we’re cool, yo.

Well, it’s been almost a week since I nearly killed us, but we’re doing much better now. Life moves on, with or without us. Hey thanks everyone for the nice words. It makes a girl feel good.

Although get this, on Tuesday night, I decided to go for a ride with my friend Neila in her car (I’m Passenger Only until I get sane again) and we get into another accident! Can you fucking believe it? After I’m already on edge about the one last week. It was really rather minor, but I jumped out of the car like a lunatic and ran down the street in a panic, sobbing uncontrollably. It was quite the scene. All I can think of now is what those two kids in the other car must have thought. It’s very funny. A little fender bender and I’m crying like I lost my legs and my eyeballs. HA.

You better watch it though. These days, if someone says “BOO” to me too hard, I start bawling.

Not sure exactly what is going on lately, but I’ve hit a real string of bad luck. In car accidents alone, I’ve had three in just over a month.


6 thoughts on “we’re cool, yo.

  1. DG

    That should make you good for a while.(law of averages)
    I remember when you drew the picture on Loafe about the crazy lady that hit you couple of years ago!!
    What about that tragicly sad astronuat lady…that poor little booboo.

  2. Steph

    That is too bad to hear, but I did laugh quite a bit when you said you jumped out and ran down the street… how funny. And yeah, what is up with this bad luck…

  3. ~neely~

    you neglected to share with everyone how when you decided to come back you were hysterically laughing. for a second there i thought you were a bit bi-polar. i shared with clarita the story, we got a good chuckle. now that it’s funny…~ish. kinda.

    have ya gone to the dr yet??

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