holy car accident batman

Ry and I escaped a serious car accident this morning by the skin of our teeth. Well, we didn’t escape the car accident, I totaled our car, but we escaped injury-free. Unbelievably injury-free. Blissfully, thankfully injury free.

But I’m completely freaked out and vowing to never drive again. It was some scary shit. I was on the freeway and I’m not exactly sure what happened, if I hit some black ice or what, but the wheel slipped through my hands and I started to swerve. In my panic, I jerked the wheel back too much, overcorrected for that, and then lost complete control. We were going 60-70mph, on a busy freeway, spinning all over the road. And we almost made it. All the cars around us managed to avoid hitting us, but right as we were coming to a stop (facing oncoming traffic), a little white car in the middle lane realized too late what was happening and clipped the front end, which sent us spinning and then back into the guardrail.

Like I said, scary shit. Sitting there facing all those cars coming straight at us…let’s just say it’s an image I won’t soon forget.

As soon as the car stopped, I jumped out and checked on Ry, and he was okay, he was scared, but okay, his car seat slightly askew, but still strapped in. I pulled him out, comforted him, checked him over. We went to the ER just to be sure. And we’re fine.

The idea that I camethisclose to killing him has made me 100% loco. I look at him and hug him and kiss him and I know he’s okay, but in my mind, he’s not okay. In my mind…well, it’s hard for me to keep what happened and what could of happened separate. People die in accidents like that. We walked away without a scratch.

I always thought I had bad luck, and it sucks that I needed an accident like this to realize that I have the best luck in the world. And an awesome, sturdy-beyond-all-hell Volvo. And the safest car seat available. Seriously, if we’d had another car or a cheaper car seat, I can’t imagine I would be typing this post with Ry safely taking a nap in his bed.

thank the world for small miracles, eh?

12 thoughts on “holy car accident batman

  1. Steph

    OH MY GOD…. I am so glad you are both okay, that would have just been terrible if something had happened. I wish I could give you a big huge hug and tell you that you are safe now. Man, my heart sunk when i was reading this.

    well, it just proves, you are both here for a damn good reason!!! I know why, to make us all smile which both of you do so well, atleast for me you both do!

    I love you both and Chris and I were talking maybe Mexico in April, you up for it???

    Big hug and Kiss to you both!

  2. Tiffany

    Holy cat shit, batman! I’m sooooooo glad you two are ok. See, this is prove you should just move back to AZ. No black ice here, baby!

  3. Michelle

    Wow. I’m glad everyone is ok. It really puts things into perspective when something like that happens. Now I’m probably going to be super duper careful driving after reading this….

  4. Jonathan

    Wow. Thank God you’re both alright, and thank god no one else got hurt either. You know, I had the exact same experience (spin out on the highway, end up facing oncoming traffic) back in the winter of 1995 when I lived in Virginia, it’s the kind of crazy sudden nightmarish thing that can happen to anyone. Once again… just glad you’re all okay.

  5. DG

    Ive hit black ice, in the middle of no-where Indiana. At those speeds be assured there was nothing you could do. Obviuosly our lord has a greater plan for you and Ryland…
    Hang in there…get some stress relieving tea….

  6. gina

    Christa! This makes all of my complaining to you about nothing seem so silly. I’ll straighten up. I am so glad you’re ok. On the freeway too? Wowzers.

  7. Morgan

    Sounds like scary shit. I’m glad nobody was hurt in the accident. Another Volvo success story, I guess.

    Today’s high: 80 – suck it.

  8. DG

    Morgan..Back in 1984, after a Chicago winter that
    got to -25 on the thermometer, I accepted a position in Miami. After 2 years in that shit I discovered that I belong in a colder climate. Except for February and March when the gray and dead tree gloom starts to catch up to you.. then just before you slit your wrists..its SPRING!!!!!

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