leaving loafe?

lately I haven’t been all that invested in this site. duh. There is no real reason why, and it isn’t like I have been dedicating all my writing to my super secret site, because I haven’t. No private handwritten journal either. I guess I just don’t have much to share these days. I’m pretty wrapped up in boring house nonsense, taking care of Ryland and just trying to get stuff done.

I’m always coming up with great ideas to write about, but I’m usually not at home, or about to fall asleep, or just too lazy to find my way to a pen or a keyboard, and then I eventually forget. Maybe I should try one of those digital recorders. But I can’t imagine I’d be any more inclined to pull that out and talk into and then later on listen to it and figure out just what the hell I’m trying to say and put it down on paper/computer. Mostly I wish I had something linked into my brain, something wireless obviously, that would record my thoughts, and upload it to the computer and then when I have time I could sit down and read it over and go from there. Maybe someday.

Ryland is totally not taking his nap right now, just banging around in his bed and singing. He better go to sleep or I’m going to punish him severely.

please. I’m kidding. ryland has complete and total control of this household, the rotten bastard.

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