Crazy Leap Years.

Today is a weird day. I felt it was important to post an entry, to mark the occasion.

I wonder what I was doing 4 years ago, what sort of fun leap year activities I was taking part in. Let me dig around my old site archives and see what I find…

Okay. I found out what I was doing. Let&#146s just say it is not a pretty picture. My 4 year anniversary of loafe is not until the end of March, which means I had to dig my way through some entries from a different online journal, one I had before loafe. Better if we don&#146t talk about it— I was up to no good four years ago.

Boy do things change. Yet, echoing the immortal words of the Eagles, I am still the same old girl I used to be.

Anyway, happy February 29th. See you in four years!

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