san carlos calling us, wherever we go.

I’m dreaming of San Carlos, the beach and the water and the cerveza. Everyone moves under water, fluid and floating. Skin is brown, limes are tangy, sunsets are blazing. I miss the wide smiles and all those stars, so many they’re practically raining down on us. Life in san carlos is lazy sweet, warm and slow; the music is always happy, even when it’s sad, and we dance in our bare feet, with salty lips and sand in our hairs. We smell like people should smell, sun and ocean and calm seeping out our pores. The Mexicans like us, even if we don’t speak fluent Spanish. Everyone laughs in the same language anyway.

I’m a beach girl and I am about tired of trying to convince myself otherwise. I don’t care if I was born in Wisconsin, I’m a summer baby and I need warm oceans and friendly hearts. Listen deep alright; I hear my body and soul saying screw you boston.

Hear that? Screw you boston!

Besides, you hate Mexicans. You really hate us. And we hate you right back.

Now, to show that my interest in music isn’t just hipster stuff, there’s this song called “Wherever You Will Go” by a band named The Calling (I’m listening to it as we type). It’s a cheeseball song and I have no idea what other songs they sing. Heck, I don’t even know what he’s singing about in this song, but I really really like it a lo, almost to absurdity. It may have a little something to do with where I first heard it, in Love Actually, and I love that movie. But still.

Before you condemn me for being a music snob, just remember I like “Wherever You Will Go.”

Now to balance out the bad with the good and remind you that despite my occasional sonic lapses I’m still very hip, I reveal that I’m much in love with Neko Case and anything she’s involved in (such as the new pornographers); her new CD is divine. I am also interested in hearing Jenny Lewis’s new solo CD (of rilo kiley), which was released back in January but I have yet to buy or listen to it.

There. We should all be happy now.

17 thoughts on “san carlos calling us, wherever we go.

  1. gina

    Wow. The Calling? I think that’s the band with the guy who looks like he’s 12 and has this ridiculously deep voice. They suck.

    You know you’re a totally incognito mexican. Do you go around boston saying hola and wearing a mexican flag? haha. that would be funny.

  2. Jonathan

    The New Pornographers’ Twin Cinema was my favorite album of last year. I went to see them play in Hollywood, at the Henry Fonda Theater, and the surrounding hills were (literally) on fire. In the walk from the parking lot, the whole street had a smokey haze, like walking through a thin cloud. From the rooftop bar above the concert hall, where we hung out between the opener (a band called Destroyer) & the New Pornographers, we could see the lights from the fires on the hills, just above Mullholland. For some reason, the whole night made me love Los Angeles all the more. Also, I’m a TOTAL music snob (except for that Kelly Clarkson song which fucking r0xx0xrs my world), and right now I’m very much listening to the Arctic Monkeys, which is a lot of fun. Not the most cutting edge (the cool kids were listening to them back in January or something) but still pretty great.

  3. christa Post author

    yep Morgan, you’re right. neko case did record her album in Tucson. one of the reasons why you gotta love her. she says it was really expensive. I can’t imagine anything in tucson being really expensive, but the sound quality is superb, so maybe that’s it.

    I know you’re a music snob, JR, that’s why I love ya. although that kelly clarkson business raises my eyebrows.

  4. Tiffany

    Hey, I LOVE Kelly Clarkson. Only because she is everything I wanted to be at her age. *sigh*

  5. Simon

    Mexicans in New Zealand are rare creatures and therefore muy exotic.

    I’ve been holding an annual Mexican Party for years and while it is just an excuse to drink margarita slushies in the sun, I’ve been trying to find a mexican to invite the whole time.

    But I’ve never even seen one here, and especially none eating barbecued iguanas.

    Mmmm… barbecued iguanas

  6. Tucson Michelle

    I also love that Kelly Clarkson song. It’s a really good song. It’s a good song in the same way that Britney Spears’ “Toxic” is a good song. And, Jonathan, have you heard The New Pornographer’s “Electric Version”? That’s my favorite pop album of the last decade I think. It’s so gratuitously “poppy”. It’s awesome.
    Christa, quit ignoring my emails beeeatch. I miss ya.

  7. christa

    I repeat, that kelly clarkson business raises my eyebrows. okay and now the britney spears business is raising my eyebrows and anything else I can raise.

    also, I can’t believe that michelle just called me beeeatch.

    but hey, I love electric version too! I miss you and your wackiness.

    I forgive my friends their musical transgressions, because normally they are all very hip and cool and musically inclined. I love my friends. even when none of them visit me and hate my baby.

    and you know, I DO need to walk around with a mexican flag and say hola to let people know I’m of the latina persuasion, although even then I’m not sure. I’m afraid I wouldn’t be very exotic in new zealand.

    and mexicans eat barbecued iguanas? I really need to learn more about my people. Oh wait, maybe you’re saying that NZ’ers eat barbecued iguanas. umm, gross.

  8. Simon

    they do in tijuana. the mexican radio song told me so…

    just to add add to the new pornographers debate, i vote for ‘mass romantic’ – especially the title song. it’s the best!

  9. Simon

    For anybody confused out there, I wasn’t really adding Adult Defecit Disorder to the NP debate, I just typed it twice.

  10. Tiffany

    Is this all just entertaining because it’s 10:30 at night or because it’s really quite entertaining?

  11. Jonathan

    Christa – Simon’s referring to Mexican Radio, by Wall of Voodoo (“wish I was in Tiajuana, eating barbecued iguana”). I’m not sure that actually happens, but it’s possible Stan Ridgeway just didn’t have a better ryhme for “wanna”. And just as when Robin tells me she loves ALL our children the same (when I ask her who she would carry out of the house first if it was on fire and the pugs had lost their back legs in a double-pug quadruple amputation surgery), I love ALL of my New Pornographers albums the same, and I would carry them all out of the house first if it was on fire. Certainly before my daughter or the damn pugs, none of whom have ever recorded shit as far as I know.

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