You know, I used to think those nextel walkie talkie phones were cool. But now, whenever I see or hear someone using one, usually some asshole walking down the street thinking he is so effing cool, I just want to kick him and say &#147Who the hell cares about you? You&#146re annoying, your phone is annoying, and you&#146re not that important. Get over it.&#148

Also, if one more person says to me &#147Don&#146t eat that! Look how many carbs it has! You gotta watch your carb intake!&#148 I am going to lose it. You know what? Fuck off. Go eat your bacon wrapped butter sticks and leave me alone, okay?

So you know, Conan is taping his show this week in Toronto. And I sent away for tickets and but I didn&#146t get any. Which is okay, because I watched last night&#146s show and I gotta say it was pretty annoying. I mean, Conan was funny, but the people in the audience were pretty obnoxious. They wouldn&#146t shut up and they were all wearing Leafs jerseys and shouting idiotic things the entire time, looking like a bunch of morons. You&#146d think those stupid kids had never seen an American celebrity before. And it&#146s Conan, for chrissakes, not Superman or something.

I wish I could break myself of the habit of doing something rash or self-destructive when I feel hurt or betrayed, especially by someone close. Eh, what can you do.

5 thoughts on “Beep.

  1. DG

    With the risk of being even further annoying I have several comments:
    1) Is it this cold hard winter that makes me so damn angry at everything and everyone?
    2) Are the citizens of all other industrialized countries having more fun than us?
    3) I wish I could think of something constructive instead of destructive to assist Christa in venting dissapointment anger, but I cant.
    4) This endless parade of whats good for you and what isnt makes me want to kill.
    5) Hmmpff!

  2. Schmatrick

    It’s better to get in the habit of doing rash and self-destructive things BEFORE someone betrays you, so that it comes more naturally when you need it to. Of course, if you’re looking for something CONstructive to help you, then you’re really looking to get conned. That sounded wittier before I said it…

  3. Neely

    dude christa. why so negative man? i think you just need to start banging that bong and be happy. and if you have been, perhaps you need better quality shit….

    love ya man!!

  4. DG

    Neely, if you were to fall asleep and wake up in the Chicago suburbs during the mid-70’s, here are some simple phrases that would help you fit in:
    1) Out of state, man!! (sight)
    2) Farm Out!!! (far)
    3) Dont be pyramid, man!! (paranoid)
    We were so unique.

  5. stephanie a

    As it turns out, I am completely disgusted with the carb craze. I feel like wearing a coat of bread with a sign that says &#147jesus c., people, it&#146s whole wheat…and at least I can go to the bathroom everyday.&#148

    Per the beeping, it has to end. It&#146s the most aggravating noise on the planet.