My witches of eastwick

I think there are three baby birds. I’ve named them Piper, Callie and Stormy. Piper and Callie are girls and Stormy is probably a girl, too.

I obviously have no idea if these baby birds are male or female and there might even only be two. But it doesn’t matter. I have decided. I have three baby girl birds!

They aren’t making noises yet but I often see piper’s little beak rising up out of the nest and opening and closing. She calls the shots. I can tell.

Sadly, I had to drop Neko as a name because I don’t think my birds are sparrows. I saw the dad and he had some red in his breast, going up into his neck and head. According to my exhaustive research (three minutes on google), this might make them house finches. And I can’t name a finch Neko. She never sang a song about finches. That I know of anyway.

I also learned that house finches are one of the rare species that only feed their young plant material, no worms or bugs or such. I like this.

Holy shit, do I love my birds. so much. So so much. I could talk about them all night. I may be overly obsessed with them but not really. And besides, it is better than paying attention to my kids or cleaning the house or taking showers.

Did you know that these same birds might also come back next year and make another nest in the same spot? Now I can never move. It’s fine. We all have to make sacrifices for our families.