a clarification.

oh my god I suck so bad. I wrote out my whole little entry and then like a moron I closed the window without saving it. damn it.

anyway, what I was saying was that I need to make a clarification or two about my recent entry regarding boys. I was using the term “boy” not in a man vs boy sense but in a more general, generic sense, like girl vs boy. To distinguish male from female. I definitely understand the difference between a man and a boy, but I wasn’t meaning it in that way. I just like to say boy.

The other clarification I wanted to make was that when I said I was liking a particular boy (George, George Glass) I wasn’t meaning one specific actual boy. I was talking about an idea of one, the dreamy notion that somewhere out there the perfect boy exists for me. A fantasy in other words, a George Glass. Someone I wish were real. But there is no boy. Just George. (If you haven’t seen the Brady Bunch episode with George Glass then I feel sorry for you. Just find someone cool and smart to explain it to you.)

Now who wants to give me free Mac software?

4 thoughts on “a clarification.

  1. Jonathan Rouse

    Good cover on the “George Glass” thing, sweetie.. I think they’re buying it.

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