dead pixels making me crazy.

okay, so as we all know, I got a new computer, a sassy little iMac, and I’m loving it super much. it’s very fast and pretty and shiny and all that. And the monitor is an LCD, something I’ve never had, nor am I used to, but apparently it is allowable for there to be up to 5 dead/burnt/stuck pixels on a screen. Having 5 or less is equal to having zero. It’s “within spec” as I’ve been told, but you know, I dropped a lot of money on this damn computer and I want it perfect.

After going through three iMacs though, I have decided to just keep this fourth one. There is one dead pixel in the upper right corner, whereas on the other screens they were in much more noticeable spots. It isn’t perfect, but I am getting tired of hauling a computer up to the Apple Store every day and having the workers look at me like I’m crazy and anal. I figure I can live with one small pixel up there. It bugs me and I stare at it, but it really is because I’m crazy and anal.


Here’s what I’d like to know: why men think they can come home and spend five minutes with their children and think they have fulfilled their responsbility as a father. Because it really drives me effing crazy. I spend all day and all night with Ryland, and I love it, but I’m only human and I need a break sometimes, a break that lasts longer than five minutes. I don’t want to go anywhere or do anything special. Maybe go take a shower or read for a bit or hell how about just letting me take a shit in peace?

That said, you should know that Ryland is doing the cutest thing right now. He isn’t crawling, but he’s been getting up on his hands and knees and then rocking back and forth, almost like he’s revving up to go. It’s so freaking adorable. He’s also started his first bits of solid food, some rice cereal and peas so far. He doesn’t eat it everyday, but he seems to like it. It certainly doesn’t help him sleep any better at night though, although it seems like every one and their dog told me it would.

okay, now on to other things. How about boys I wish loved me? Okay.
-Zach Braff, the guy from Scrubs and Garden State.
-This guy named Jeffrey Donovan, who just played a serial killer on CSI Miami and used to be on a show called Touching Evil on USA (a show I really liked and am sad they cancelled). Isn’t he yummy?
-Vince Vaughn a tall drink of delicious
-johnny depp
-that guy who plays Boone on Lost. He’s a foxy fox.
-and of course t. yorke, always and forever.

um, right now as I was typing this message, I pressed some combination of keys and suddenly all the windows on my desktop did this fancy little maneuver and then I was looking at them all at the same time, tiled neatly on the screen. I have no idea what it was, but it was cool.

here’s a nice thing about having a kid: I never feel lame for not being out on a fri or sat night.

3 thoughts on “dead pixels making me crazy.

  1. DG

    I am now going to scour the LCD’s I use at school for dead pixels, I wasnt aware of that.
    I couldnt afford a flat screen when I got this machine, but things have improved since then. Working at home being self employed has been good. I got my first check since Ive been doing that and the take home was a whopping 50% higher than before. The girl at the bank acted much more sweeter than normal when I deposited that baby. So maybe Ill look at them now. I do like them, for one they are not a ray gun spitting subatomic particles in your face, and the other is that they take up so much less space.
    You know I know several guys in my neighborhood that are intrinsically wrapped up with every facet of their childs development from diaper changing to helping them with their homework.
    In fact I have a friend named Tom that once was a severe burnout, didnt finish high school and has 4 kids.
    He needed a computer printed letter for something so I printed one up and he looked at and he started correcting various english useages and spellings that missed my attention.
    He was quite fastidious. I was really shocked, I asked what gives, and he said that working with his kids on their homework helped him with his grammar. I’d say!!

  2. brasten

    Christa, you probably stumbled across a feature called Expose.

    Hit F9 with multiple windows open. It will tile everything nice on your screen to let you choose which window you want. F9 returns the screen to normal or clicking on a window gives it focus.

    F10 does the same thing with just windows belonging to the current application, and F11 flings everything off the screen so you can see your desktop.

  3. Michelle

    Christa, don’t wait for “men” to volunteer themselves to help you with something. The majority of them will not. Even though they watch you struggling coming home from the grocery store w/ 50 bags in your hands … they will wait until you have the 1 lightest bag left and then offer to help. If your man is as thick headed as mine is REMIND HIM how it takes 2 to tango and that baby is part his as well. Don’t settle for anything less than what you and Ry-guy deserve.

    PO’d in PA

    (haha, did you like that, it was like an Ann Landers letter)

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