raindrops keep falling on my head.

Okay, they’re not literally falling on my head, but they are falling, and onto my roof.

I have to say, I love being the only one awake in the house, listening to the rain. It’s a very warm, comforting feeling, like mother nature is letting me in on a secret.

Ryland is six months old now. I have a six-month old baby. I want him to stay little forever. Getting older is hard enough for me, now I have to watch my little boy get older. He isn’t going to remember these early days and I’ll never forget them. I wish they would never ever end.

boy do I love rainy nights. Especially now. It makes me feel so cozy and safe to snuggle up to him in bed and fall asleep, the rain talking me down, whispering stories, drifting off with Ryland’s smell all around me. He’s not going to remember nights like tonight, but I will. He’ll just grow up knowing he loves rainy nights, too, and the feeling of sliding into bed between cool sheets and warm blankets, listening to the rain and all her secrets.

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