the state of ghosts in cjmland in 2010

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taking a cue from pop culture, I’ve been investing my time & energy into the paranormal. in addition to movies like paranormal activity (which I finally just saw the other night) we’ve been watching increasing amount of ghost shows on TV. and there are a lot!! i had no idea this all existed. I remember a funny SNL sketch from a few years ago when hugh laurie was hosting and he was a ghost hunter and he farted and they picked it up on their “energy meter” and they were trying to figure out what kind of spirit it was when really it was just a fart. It was one of the funniest things I’ve seen. I should find that skit somewhere online.

anyway, so we’ve been watching these ghost shows. my favorites are ghost adventures (aka bros hunting ghos, aka “what was that?!”) on the travel channel, paranormal state (a bunch of goofy nerds who have an actual group called PRS, paranormal research society) and ghostly encounters (which I think is canadian and their reenactments are sublime).

bros hunting ghos is probably my favorite, because of the dudes and the things they say and how unintentionally hilarious it is and how it gives me the tingles. although I do appreciate the cheeseballness of the paranormal state, and ghostly encounters tends to scare me more than I care to admit.

I don’t know what I think about ghosts. I don’t know that I necessarily believe in ghosts, but I don’t NOT believe, if you know what I mean. I think I just liked being freaked out more than anything. If I believe in ghosts though that means that I don’t think we’re just gone when we die, that something exists beyond that, and therefore I have to then open the possibility of there being a heaven and a hell, etc, which I don’t believe. So yeah, I don’t know how I feel about ghosts.

But I’ve had trouble sleeping since I saw paranormal activity. It scared me like blair witch scared me; that movie is the most genuinely scary I’ve ever seen and while I think it still tops the list for me, paranormal activity is a close 2nd. I haven’t been able to watch blair witch for a 2nd time and I wasn’t too keen on watching paranormal activity again, only I’m forcing a friend who can’t handle scary movies to watch it so I have to watch it again as well. it disturbed me. I hope a 2nd viewing makes things less disturbing.

playing legos video games after watching paranormal activity helps, if you’re looking for a way to calm down after watching it. also, not sleeping alone, and leaving as many lights on as possible, and also not having a baby monitor near your head giving off creepy sounds while you lay in the dark trying to forget every horrible thing you’ve just seen is also a good idea. Whatever works for you though.

anyone else see this movie? like? dislike? lame? good? scary? silly?

and did anyone watch my b’s beat the rotten flyers in the NHL winter classic on new year’s day? huh? didya? wasn’t it awesome?

7 thoughts on “the state of ghosts in cjmland in 2010

  1. Marianne

    I certainly hope you are not referring to me being forced to watch that movie, because I have no intention of watching that movie.

    I will say, as a veteran of being left sleepless and scared after watching movies as stupid as the likes of Pet Cemetery, that watching it a second time always solves the problem. At least, when you can bring yourself to do it, it solves the problem.

  2. DG

    Though PA is OK…it is nothing like Hell House or the Omen or Amityville Horror, or ewspecially the Exorcist. All that hype was Very annoying. Though when she got yanked out of bed…I thought about that late into the night…

  3. Not Jonathan

    Ghosts, eh? It’s a cruel curse of geography that you live so far away from me. Large breasted & gullible are my two most desired traits in a woman, at least according to my Lovenalysis ™.

  4. Ter

    I saw it around halloween, double feature with Zomieland. Thought it was great, not necessarily scary, but suspenseful and well done. All in all most entertaining.

  5. Fi

    I did see P.A and thought it was the most invigoratingly scary movie ever, I loved it!
    I also took a friend who was nervous but willing to try and she ended up being spooked for weeks, threatened to send me her therapy bill.

  6. Michelle

    I think I might skip PA based on Fi’s comment about her friend, even though you highly recommended it to me. I love a good zombie movie, but ghosts freak me out too much. I think Poltergeist might have ruined me for all future ghost movies. To this day, I still can’t look at a clown.

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