Huygens & Cassini.

That&#146s the name for my new band. I&#146m the bass player.

I&#146ve been looking at the photos of Titan and Saturn and boy are they trippy. Have you looked at them? They&#146re quite amazing. It took seven years for the probe to get there. Seven years! This is one of my favorite photos.

I wish I was a scientist. I suck.

2 thoughts on “Huygens & Cassini.

  1. Tiffany

    It completely trips me out that that is an ACTUAL photo of Saturn. It looks fake, but that is what Saturn REALLY looks like. It looks like a big piece of candy!

    Mmmmm, candy.

  2. DG

    You are a scientist! A social scientist!
    A primary researcher in the science of Madridiology!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!