our 1st accident.

Well, Ryland and I had our first accident this afternoon. I propped him up in the corner of the couch and gave him his crinkly book he likes and walked away for a few minutes. I sat at the computer to send my resume to a few places and as I&#146m typing my cover letter, I hear &#147THUNK.&#148 Time froze; my heart stopped beating and then dropped to my feet. I turned around and Ryland was lying face down on the floor.

I ran over to him immediately and picked him up, he was screaming, I was crying, it was quite the scene. We walked around the house a few minutes, me comforting him, he comforting me. We both finally calmed down and I checked him over and he was just fine and I checked me over and, apart from incredible guilt, I was fine. Then I started laughing. Because it was funny. Maybe I shouldn&#146t laugh, maybe that makes me a horrible awful mother, but I couldn&#146t help it. Just hearing that thunk and seeing Ryland lying face down on the floor…If he was HURT or damaged somehow, I would be slitting my wrists or something equally dramatic, but we got lucky on this one.

I suppose it has to happen to everyone—it just takes that one time for their child to roll over off the bed or the couch or the dresser or something before a lesson is learned. We both came out unscathed and now I know that Ryland can go from a propped up sitting position to a prone position, and then he can roll right on over.

Five minutes after the incident we were laughing and dancing and singing, so all is well again on Ryland Island.

2 thoughts on “our 1st accident.

  1. DG

    Babies are incredibly resilient in a variety of ways, the worse thing you could do would be to hurt your self seriously over a minor accident. Tumbles and spills are part of growing up.
    As Ryland matures you will learn.. Though I must agree your heart must have sunk like a rock for that moment..Keep on truckin!!!

  2. Michelle

    I know what you mean about the spills. Gabby is a month old now and I am pretty weak in the arms and she is a huge baby (was 9lb, 3oz at birth) I get so nervous when picking her up. After giving her a bath I bumped her head on the top of the cabinet, I feel so guilty but she didn’t even flinch. The cabinet is so low to the sink that you have to be super careful when lifting her out of the sink. Needless to say I learned my lesson. I just wonder how many times my Mom dropped me or let me fall. Side note: Gabby was screaming her head off yesterday and I couldn’t get her to settle down no matter what I did. I called my mom for advice and she said to “shake her up a little bit”. Apparently they didn’t make our parents watch the “Shaken Baby Syndrome” video in the hospital when we were born.