I dreamed about killing you again last night

I’ve lost my muse.

Lost her in a crush of veils and starlight.

3 thoughts on “I dreamed about killing you again last night

  1. christa Post author

    HMM. do you mean that in a sarcastic way? like “oh great, christa’s posting more crap again. oh great.” or do you mean “yay! christa is posting crap again!”

    whats your deal schlaline. what is your deal.

  2. gina

    the only reason i’m checking this site today is because my schedule says i am supposed to read about corporations and agency. posting to your sentence seems like more fun. here’s what i’ve been up to lately in an effort to avoid studying:

    applying for jobs (damn it. finally got one)
    working out (this one has unfortunately grown tiresome)
    taking up to 3 baths a day (seriously)

    umm, yeah. that’s about it.

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