the simpsons.

One of my favorite quotes from the Simpsons, the one where Homer becomes smart after removing the crayon in his brain: &#147I&#146m a Spalding Gray in a Rick Dees world.&#148 At least I think that&#146s the episode. I could be wrong, but I know that&#146s the quote.

Now it&#146s just Rick Dees in a Rick Dees world.

I think there are people who don&#146t like me anymore, or at least not as much or in the same way they once did, because I&#146ve had a baby. I guess I can understand that, but it makes me feel kind of bad, you know? And in my little circle of friends, a lot happens that I don&#146t know about, because I&#146m not there, because I&#146m removed, because I can&#146t go out and I can&#146t hang out and I can&#146t do the things I used to be able to do with them. It makes me feel a little sad, not just that I&#146m missing out, but that this is the way things are now. I&#146m still part of the group, but not really. Because I have a kid and no one else does. And until they do, our lives will be different.

And it&#146s all pretty much my fault. It isn&#146t like I&#146m making some great effort; most of the time I am so distracted or tired or such a zombie that I forget to make/return calls and email and I&#146ll stay home rather than try to find a babysitter to go out. So in essence I&#146m choosing to be on the outskirts of the circle. I just wish my stupid girlfriends would start having babies already. You&#146re not getting any younger, girls!

And loafe would like to congratulate my friend Tonya on the birth of her baby boy. Happy Birth!

7 thoughts on “the simpsons.

  1. DG

    It is my own selfish desire to be entertained
    by the Loafe of yester-year that makes me think ,sometimes, that I wish you didnt have Ryland, but you live for your self not for me or us and I visit Loafe to get a glimpse on the life and mental processes of some one that I find interesting. Whether they have a baby or do not have a baby, whether they are or are not gay, or are or not employed and so forth.

  2. brasten

    Slightly off topic, but:

    Personally, I find the single greatest emotion regarding *now* that I usually feel is how it isn’t the same as it *used* to be. And I try not to sit and dwell on that, but in fleeting moments I can be overcome with the nostalgic feelings toward yesteryear… Because it was DIFFERENT back then.

    The funny thing about that is that whatever time frame I’m longing for, back then I had the same feelings about the time before THAT. And even more importantly, someday I will look back at right *NOW* with nostalgia-filling thoughts…

    Maybe I would enjoy things more if I became more accepting of changing situations and tried not to hold on to the situations, people, and places of yesterday…

    … anyway, nothing to do with today’s post, but perhaps it just prodded something in me.

  3. DG

    Once again Brasten has most eloquently described a sentiment I stumbled all over. God Bless you, Brasten. God Bless You.
    And what about CellyBelly, isnt she the wild one! 51, good gravy!

  4. celly belly

    Hey! it’s hard enough finding a guy who will treat you lovingly and respectfully out here, who you also find incredibly attractive and is great in the sack ;-) so if he happens to be 51, so be it! with the exception of my first boyfriend, no man has ever treated me as good as Robert has. I feel good when i’m around him, he’s gentle and kind and extremely considerate and romantic and all the things I didnt think actually existed out there anymore in the male species. Despite the fact that he has grown children, whom i’ve met, they like me (thank God!) and I like them, he’s actually open to having more kids, if things ended up going in that direction. Out of something so heartbreaking and tragic, my mother’s untimely passing, came something so special and beautiful, it’s weird how life works out sometimes. Anyhoo, so far as having kids, that isnt in the works for me for sometime, sorry, Christa. But dont give up on us childless gals! :-)

  5. DG

    Follow your heart, at least for now. At least somebodies having fun!!! Good for you CB.
    46 isnt so old old isnt it!!!

  6. DG

    A Dream!!!
    I had this dream last night and it was a lot of fun.
    I dreamt that I was a member of world famous British punk/pop band.
    We were doing a publicity stunt. We were trespassing on some government property at night, jumping around on ledges and on the roofs and making a lot of noise and being very obvious.
    Then the police started to arrive and we headed for the fences. I and one of my ‘mates
    climbed and jumped over two cyclone fences topped with barbed wire. We got out of the facility along with the camera poeople recording everything, but we where still corralled by the serious and angry police and notified that we would be arrested.
    Then the chief of police started laughing and shaking are hands. It was all a pre-arranged stunt with the regular bobbies unaware of it so to squeeze the most realism out of it. We had paid the police management handsomely and they were happy with that.
    Then we went to our “gig” and broke into some very heavy new wave punk circa early 1980’s. I am sure it was the MEKONS. (See Delta 5’s Mekons and Gang of Four on the web for music type. )
    In the dream I was exhilirated and having fun, we were really playing the music. It was all for a media rollout for an album/tour called “Smash the Machine”. Trying to get the British government out of some war. It was so real, the british bobbies,police cars, our accents our clothes it was great I didnt want to wake up.