damn kids

we lost my iphone on the train today. LAME. ryland feels bad (he left it on the seat). as we’re stepping off the train I ask him “where is my phone?” and he gasps and we turn around and go back to our seats and the phone was gone. In maybe 10 seconds, someone had swiped it. he felt really bad, he was upset, I told him it was okay, it was no big deal, we’d get another phone, don’t feel bad, don’t worry, etc.

he’s only four and it’s not his fault his mother let him play with an expensive little toy on the train. it was my responsibility to make sure we had it, not his. poor kid. he promptly forget all about it five minutes later.

oh well. but argh… stupid people, don’t take stuff that isn’t yours!

at least the bruins are beating the canadiens, which is really the most important thing in the world. they b’s may or may not win game 4 tonight, but the habs certainly won’t be winning the series, and I can think of nothing sweeter. well, maybe a sweep.

2 thoughts on “damn kids

  1. DG

    I dont think hell forget soon. If he is a good kid like I am sure he is … it may fester under the surface. Hopefully it wont be to traumatic …over time

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