analyze me.

Okay, so I had some more weird dreams last night and this time I remember them. Well, two of them anyway. I’m going to describe them and if any of you are smart about these things, maybe you can help me figure out what they mean.

First dream: G and I were driving to Ry’s doctor appointment to get his next set of immunizations. We had to stop for gas or something, so we pulled into this parking lot. I got out and went to look for something behind a building and G stayed with the car. He did something to upset this guy, either bumped into him or touched his car or something, I can’t remember. Anyway, this guy got really crazy about it and he came over and started punching and kicking G, who was in the backseat, sitting with the baby. I see this happening so I run over and start hitting the guy and pulling him out of the car. I grabbed him and pushed him to the ground, yelling at him. Then we got in the car and started driving away. I realized I forgot Ry’s diaper bag behind the building, and suddenly there was this little girl with us, about 10 years old, a girl we knew. So she got out of the car and ran to the building to get the bag. And the guy started chasing her and we were screaming for her to hurry up and I was freaking out, so mad that I had forgotten the bag and worried for the girl, but she managed to get the bag and dove back in the car and we sped off, to Ry’s appointment. That was basically the end of the dream.

The 2nd dream is a little weirder and there are big parts I don’t remember, but what I recall is that I’m on this air/space ship with a bunch of people and we’re all on different levels of the ship. I’m on the top level, which is this sort of cramped little area that looks down at the next level through some metal beams. we’re flying through space and I’m looking out at the black sky littered with stars. It’s really cool and amazing. Then the ship lands and we all slip out from the top level and get out of the ship. We’ve landed onto this world that seems similar to earth, but is quite different. There is no blue sky, but we’re standing in this big long field and the grass is really green and fresh and I lay down the ground and start smelling the grass and rolling around and breathing in the clean air, ecstatic about how perfect and fresh it is. And everyone is getting off the ship (which is also sort of like a subway car) and looking around in amazement. Everything is much brighter and crisper in this world, even though the sky is still that black space with lots of stars all around us. We all eventually head off to the movie theater, lined up along the grassy field, along with some other buildings.

So there you go. That’s what I remember.

By the way, when I say I’m bored with loafe, it doesn’t mean that I’m DONE with loafe. Just that I’m bored with it right now. I get bored with TV as well, but I’m certainly not about to cast that off into the dark dark night, am I? No.

Speaking of TV, I hope you’re all watching Arrested Development. I didn’t think it was possible to live up to last season, but they are doing a bang-up job. If they cancel this show, I’m blaming it on you. Do you really want that burden? Being responsible for killing my happiness? I didn’t think so.

10 thoughts on “analyze me.

  1. DG

    Those are cool dreams!! I can identify with the second one and I have theories about the first one, but I need to think about it first.
    Cool dreams, Yeah!!! Loafes not dead!!!!!
    Yes giving up TV would be horrible and twisted, perhaps even EVIL!

  2. brasten

    Children represent future. Optimistic future usually. A child is such a young life, with a future full of promise and potential. Threatening a child threatens that future potential.

    So, I believe that your subconscious feels that someone’s future (be it literally or figuratively, as in someone’s goals or dreams for their future) is being threatened.

    To get a little more specific, the situation seems to indicate that future is threatened by a sudden and unforeseen event.

    NOW, here’s where it gets fun. You knew this child. Meaning, you know the potential and goals of the person’s future to whom you’re defending. Which means it’s likely someone very close to you, and to be completely honest, I would suspect it IS you.

    Thus, the summarize, I believe some person or event has entered your life that has caused you to feel that your goals, plans, and desires for your future are being threatened or stripped away, and you feel powerless to stop it.

    PS: The diaper bag I think could be key, because I believe it represents the very thing that’s keeping you in the situation you feel is striping away your future. Not knowing what the bag represents, I can’t tell you the significance of being able to “get to it”, but I suspect once you figure out what the bag represents, you’ll know what that means.

  3. Marianne

    I think the first dream represents that Gordon is a big fat asshole who is endangering your child and other children that you are close to every day every day every day.

  4. DG

    Well now that you well meaning friend has let the “cat out of the bag”, what is going on there?
    If children are threatened with harm the situation is not a blog entry, but rather one for the local police or DCFS!! There Ive said it!!

  5. Marianne

    No, Brasten you are probably right. I should not have said that. Christa needs to delete it. The 10 year old girl in the dream is Christa. Ryland is just Ryland in the dream. And Gordon is just Gordon. So, I guess actually we are both right. I just said it more directly in that oh-so-charming way I have.

  6. christa

    Thanks guys for your ideas on the dreams. Very good insight from everyone. THANK YOU.

    Maybe it all just means that I need to exercise more.