Dear person sleeping in my bed

Would you like me to put a pillow over your face and hold it there until you die? Would you would you? Then stop god damned snoring. Stop stop just stop.
Because I will do it. I swear to god I will suffocate you. I want to go to sleep.

2 thoughts on “Dear person sleeping in my bed

  1. DG

    Snoring is bad.. I snore and its bad for two reasons. It makes alot of retched noise. It can lead to sleep apnea wich can cause right atrial damage.
    Solution? Nose strips that hold the nose open. Get them at your pharmacy 10.00 or so can buy a months supply.

  2. Tucson Michelle

    Your text message just made me laugh. I thought I had a crazy stalker for a second. You should totally try ear plugs. I use them every night b/c Vikas snores like a horse and I sleep like a baby!!

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