oh my sweet wilco.

So Saturday night was the big show. At first I was apprehensive. Of course I wanted to see Wilco, but I just got back from Boston and I was really tired. Ryland was all discombobulated from the trip as well, and determined to keep my sleep to an absolute minimum. Marianne agreed to babysit him for me, but I was nervous to leave him for so long, worried for Ryland and for Marianne. I didn&#146t have much milk pumped either. So the evening started off a little shaky.

But once we got to the theater and the show started, I began to relax and ended up having a fabulous evening. The show was amazing. I joked to my friends after the show that it made me forget all about Ryland. I was kidding of course, but it did make me remember who I was before Ry, made me feel like the old Christa again. It&#146s been a long time. All I&#146ve felt and thought and lived these past three months is baby baby baby. And three months in baby world is like an eternity in the normal world.

I really needed a night like that and I was able to truly appreciate it because of Marianne, Tiffany and Morgan. Without them I wouldn&#146t have been able to let go and have such a good time.

Wilco was incredible. I&#146ve only seen them once before, in Boston, and this show seemed a lot more rocking and rolling. And does it get better than ending the show with blue oyster cult? I am not mad at Jeff Tweedy anymore. He&#146s too sweet to stay mad at and I love his voice. It&#146s like a big comfy chair that I can climb in and get all snuggly. I kept imagining the entire theater empty and Wilco alone on stage, with Jeff singing just for me. I&#146m his pop quiz kid after all. And to top it all off, in the encore they played Misunderstood which is one of my most favorite songs. So I thank Marianne and Tiffany and Morgan for giving me a great weekend and making me feel better about life in general and reminding me that I am a person outside of Ryland&#146s mom.

I can&#146t believe Thanksgiving is Thursday. And then Christmas and then New Year&#146s and then it&#146ll be summer and then his first birthday and then Ryland will be in college.

3 thoughts on “oh my sweet wilco.

  1. Morgan

    Yeah, that show was great! I’m glad you could enjoy the show. I liked the part where he used his vocal cords to make vocals and his guitar to make guitar chords. Awesome!