Ha! screw you [large corporation I work for]!

It’s fun when I have 13,000 pounds of work to do and I come online and check my email and do loafe things. I don’t care! I’m an apathetic disgruntled underappreciated American worker. I do what I want when I want. It’s my duty.

the whole point of today’s post is tell you how much I love Craig Ferguson. He’s such a complete and total goofball. He makes me laugh and he’s cute and sexy and totally unthreatening, and even if everything that happens is strictly scripted, he makes it SEEM improvised and spontaneous. the quality of his guests is sometimes a bit wanting, but he makes the most of it. his whole show feels very on the fly loosy goosy let’s all have fun and laugh a bit, which is refreshing fun. I love when his guests are also foreigners, because things get a bit chaotic. see if you can find the episode where russell brand came on after hosting the mtv awards thingie–sublime. and one of my favorite shows is the most recent hugh laurie appearance. find that one too.

craig makes me laugh the way conan used to make me laugh. conan can still make me laugh, but it’s not the same. it’s just not the same.

FYI: craig ferguson used to play mr wick on the drew carey show. I couldn’t stand him on that show. now I love him forever and want to eat his babies.

3 thoughts on “Ha! screw you [large corporation I work for]!

  1. Marianne

    Yeah Christa, we all want to hear more about your herpes.

    Also, I’ve decided I want to do the lesbian commune thing with Rachel Maddow regardless of who wins the election.

  2. christa

    my herpes are doing well, the genital ones got a loan to open their own small business, and are now selling entertainment devices to other herpes in the neighborhood. They renovated their house, too. It’s much more spacious, and the kids are loving the new pool.

    my face herpes are a bit jealous of all the free enterprise happening in my pants, so they decided to close their doors and are now headed south of the border.

    I don’t know if they will get along, but it should be an interesting time.

    we are going to have to have a down and dirty fight over who gets to share a room with Rachel Maddow, m. I love her so much it hurts me.

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