well, shoot.

Sadly, I think my brain cancer was a combination of PMS, fatigue, and my cold. I was wanting some kind of tragic illness. I need the attention. Now I’m back to being just like everyone else.

Although I do have a bone spur. What kind of sympathy/attention does that warrant?

In an effort to be less ugly, I have been upgrading my ratty t-shirts for new shirts that are a) not t-shirts and b) a little girlier. This means shorter sleeves, lower necklines, more feminine cuts. the result? meh. I’m still a tree trunk with breasts. you just see more of the tree trunk and/or breasts. I do like trees though.

I applied for a job that pays $40/hr. Of course I didn’t get it. I didn’t even get an interview. LAME. I would like to make $40/hr though. That would be nice.

the first time I did ecstasy with Gordon, I thought he looked like jesus christ. At least, I thought he looked like how jesus might have looked. especially body-wise. I don’t know why I think that. the other day I was looking at some work papers of his and it listed his occupation as “carpenter”. It made me feel warm and nice inside, seeing that word next to his name.

you know what I like most about the new yorker? how the articles continue one page after another, you don’t have to flip around to a thousand places to finish the story. I love that.

also, facebook is dumb and TV is dumb and boys are, too. all dumb. dumbest thing of all? Nights in Rodanthe. Can someone take nicholas sparks’ writing implements away until he learns to play nice with them?

5 thoughts on “well, shoot.

  1. gina

    I’d like to see you in some of these shirts. I think I have only seen you in a t-shirt. I mean ever in my whole life.

  2. brasten

    facebook kicks ass!

    With the way people write news stories these days — all targets as specific audiences — it wouldn’t surprise me if magazines started doing choose-your-own-adventure new articles. “… if you want Obama to win, turn to page 23. For McCain to win, turn to page 49.”

  3. annie

    I love the New Yorker too. I actually just spent an hour going through a file folder I have of New Yorker articles that I tore out of the magazine going all the way back to 1999.

  4. christa Post author

    You’re a nerd just like me annie. I have so many stupid articles saved in a notebooks and boxes all over the country. It’s ridiculous.

    hey brasten–I love your idea of choose your own adventure news articles!! that’s awesome.

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