How to kill your soul in one easy step

I’ve just learned that the parameters of my relationship have been redefined. Apparently it is now perfectly acceptable, in fact necessary, that we both feel free to do whatever we want whenever we want without fear of consequences. As long as we don’t get caught. If caught, however, it is perfectly acceptable to say “well you you weren’t supposed to know so not only is it okay but it’s also your own fault.” and that will resolve the issue totally and completely and we can both continue to go about our business and be happy happy happy.

Isn’t that fabulous?!

6 thoughts on “How to kill your soul in one easy step

  1. Not Jonathan

    Really? Does this mean you guys have an open relationship now? As soon as your babymaker shrinks down to size (e.t.a: 2013), you should totally let me up in your guts. Nothing angers a reprobate like seeing some other guy poking his woman. Except possibly seeing his woman let that same guy have anal*

    *just think about it, we can make it a game time decision