I swung for five minutes!

in kettlebells on saturday, I did a five-minute swing. sure, it was a light weight (only 20 lbs) but I swung that sucker for five whole minutes and I was dying at the end but I did it.

I did it!

my life is dullsville central lately. go to sleep, wake up, go to work, come home, do the same thing.

I am really really liking this goofy show on IFC called “the IT crowd”. I wonder if it’s considered a good show in Europe, if the cool kids watch it and think it’s funny. maybe it’s actually the american equivalent of “life according to jim” or something. I don’t know. I just know that it makes me laugh.

there’s a new bon iver EP on itunes.

I am trying to go to tucson at end of feb.

g’s birthday is on the 31st. so is gina’s. they are both turning old.

I finished “this is your brain on music” and now I’m starting the savage detectives. it’s already so good that I cry.

it’s almost 10pm and i can still hear ry talking to himself in his room. that freaking kid. he is such a pain in the neck. and he’s peeing his bed every single night. maybe once a week, MAYBE, he wakes up dry. it’s annoying.

that’s it. I got nothing else to talk about.

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3 thoughts on “I swung for five minutes!

  1. DG

    My brother peed his bed almost every day til his early teens. maybe thats why he is such an asshole??!!

  2. gina

    Aidan chatters to himself until the wee hours too. He rarely pees his bed. Maybe Ry’s tarded or something. I kid. I kid. I know you know I kid, but I still feel compelled to tell you that I am kidding – probably so that others who read this and don’t know me will think good things about me. Thanks mom! I need my own blog.

    Thanks for the nod to my birthday. Wish you were coming to my birthday party/dinner thing on Sat. Do an extra 5 on the kettlebells for me?