My zombie baby & me

my soon to be five-month-old is all braaaaainssss all the time. everything he sees he attacks. his slow lurching movements. his attempts to grab whatever passes in front of him. his singular fixed focus on slowly methodically relentlessly stuffing things into his mouth. his zombie rage when it can’t fit or he’s dropped it or it’s out of his reach. his habit of zombie crawling his way into my bed at night and chewing on my skull. his chubby little fingers burrowing their way to hidden zombie treasures. his fists opening, closing, opening, closing, seeking & searching, braaaaiiiiinnnnssss.

why video game makers suck

A new video game came out yesterday that interested me. I bought it today. The game is brand new. It was just released yesterday. As in Tuesday. And I bought it today. As in Wednesday.

I’m all excited for it, so after finally getting the kids to bed and gordon off to hockey, I put the disc in to play, some nice quiet time to myself to WHATEVER I WANT. It happens so rarely.

But do I get to play? Nooooo. Cause now I have to sit and wait for over 45 minutes for it to download an update.

That’s right. A fucking update. The game is unable to be played until this update is installed. The lousy thing came out only YESTERDAY and already there is an update? An update so dire you cannot play the game until it’s installed? aargh.

what a load of hay. by the time the thing is finished doing whatever it’s doing, g will be home and I’ll have to go to bed and the little bit of sunshine I was hoping to inject into my dank dark cave of a life is now gone.

what a load of goddamned hay.